Wo are we

Who we are

Natked is an innovative project dedicated to the well-being of people born four years ago from the decades of experience of a highly qualified team. Natked is a training method characterized by the synergy between functional techniques and therapeutic techniques that take shape respecting the unique characteristics of the person.

Training techniques

Physical experience is at the heart of the method. The roots in the ancient yogic practices, in the rituals of traditional dances and fighting techniques, give an energetic form and charm to the method. Much of the work, however, develops around well-defined modern athletic settings, which make the method a unique, urban style, but with a strong and living essence in the natural gesture. The workouts follow a progression that structures the method. The sessions have a basic design consisting of strategies indispensable to make it a mind and body experience.

The Natked method is developed on three different training models each with specific levels of approach:

ELEMENTS elegance and creativity: through creative activities the perception of the body is improved, making it balanced and elegant.
FLOW flexibility and strength: with sequential athletic settings the body is stimulated, improving its fluidity, flexibility and strength.
STRENGTH power and endurance: through athletic setting of strengthening, you improve the volumes of the body, improving strength and endurance.

Therapeutic techniques

Therapeutic supplementation gives form and completeness to the method. They too are rooted in the ancient medical arts; from the energetic meridians, through the fascia and the osteopathic cranio-sacral techniques, to work on modern man and on lifestyles, which has led to extraordinary grafts, such as DNA mapping, Nutrigenomics and Cryotherapy, three elements that are revolutionizing our time and our well-being respecting the natural biological path of people.

Natked is uniqueness

We are born with a biological project and genetic potential that make us unique. The external environment is our informative “broth” and our body is the system that receives and processes every stimulus. The more these stimuli are adapted to our potential, the more our psycho-physical body will express itself to the best of its characteristics.

Business model

The experience of these years has consolidated the areas of competence of this product.

B2C: with the mission of individual well-being our work translates into paths that touch different areas in the organization of a lifestyle with the goal of long-term health and high quality.

Corporate: with companies we work on the collective well-being, the health of the worker and the company that benefits from it thanks to the ability to insert new strategies and psycho-physical resources thanks to a team work of adaptation and response.


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