Who we are

Fresh, healthy and tasty poke bowls prepared with care and the best seasonal ingredients.
Poke House offers ample room for imagination by offering the opportunity, every day, on time to compose the typical Hawaiian dish in a robe ever new; or to rely on the advice of our Chefs who create exclusive recipes respecting the seasonality of the products.
The poke bowls are a colorful mix of proteins, fruits and vegetables enriched by the delight of unique, unmistakable sauces prepared in “House” following recipes born on the West Coast that will make your pokes unforgettable on the palate.
The mood of Poke House is unmistakable: a heavenly atmosphere and Californian style in an environment dominated by pink, cactus, angel wings and neon writings that evoke street art.
The first Poke House opens in Milan in October 2018 and today we count on 3 premises in different areas of the city


From Monday to Sunday: 8:00 am - 23:00 pm


info@pokehouse.it / citylife@pokehouse.it


02 4398 0008