AnnaRita N

AnnaRita N is a womenswear brand that was launched in 1995 and is named after its creator, the stylist and visionary businesswoman Anna Rita Noviello.

The Italian fashion designer is also currently the creative director of Borg S.p.A., a company set up in the mid 1990s that produces and markets the brand’s collections.

Passion, craftsmanship, and an eye for detail and innovation lie at the heart of the brand’s 20 year success; an achievement corroborated by continuous growth based on unique products that reflect innovative ideas and impeccable quality, testimony to Italy’s.

The importance of painstaking details, a distinctly innovative approach and quality guaranteed right across the board: these are just a few of the company’s core principles that together make up a mosaic of style and passion, interwoven with an undeniably entrepreneurial vocation.

One of the brand’s assets is its strong identity, a characteristic seen in the eclectic and elegant yet informal collections that add a touch of femininity and seductiveness to a woman’s daily routine. Airiness, energy, exotic touches and the unmistakable echoes of past, present and future style icons, come together in an conintuum.

The brand consists of three main clothing lines, each one created in Italy; three different yet interconnected looks that symbolise versatility and the woman who manages to combine spontaneity with enduring elegance. Twenty 4H encapsulates the idea of “Total look daily chic”, and consists of easily accessible yet exciting daily wear made from mostly natural fabrics; Luxury is for those special occasions and memorable evenings when every woman wants to feel beautiful and radiant: unique tailoring and sophisticated fabrics that convey a timeless elegance; Gold, as the name suggests, is a world apart.

This is a collection for the catwalk and for wearing at gala events and other glittering occasions: limited editions which, in a nod to the great Italian sartorial traditions, consist of tailored, hand-finished pieces that are the embodiment of stylishness, with a clear international flavour.

These are pieces for women aged 25 to 45: a very precise target market that corresponds to an idea of fashion that aims to capture the dynamic femininity of women in the peak of their personal and professional lives.


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