Hair beauty tips


Are you dreaming of strong, healthy and shiny hair?

Hair health depends a lot on daily habits, such as a balanced diet, a healthy lifestyle and the right care when washing.

But hair is also very affected by external conditions, from cold to the sun, from wind to smog.

So let’s see some masks to improve our scalp and the tricks to have soft and shiny hair.

If you have a particularly sensitive skin, choose products without parabens, silicones or artificial dyes, which help to strengthen hair: vitamin-based products can help you.

If your hair is particularly stressed and damaged, it is important to choose a product that nourishes deeply: in this case many prefer extra virgin olive oil and avocado oil whose antiseptic and astringent properties give brilliance and luminosity.

Once our hair has regained light and well-being, thanks to a detox and restructuring treatment, the goal will be only one: volume!

Remember to remove excess water before applying the mask, distribute the product only from half length to hair tips and massage well with your fingertips to facilitate absorption, leave on for a few minutes and rinse with cold water. .

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