Stay home, stay cool!


It’s time to freshen up your home with something original! Whether it’s a piece of design, a small object to give colour to your rooms or a new furniture to meet your smart working and DAD needs, let’s see together the trends for our home.

If the motto has been #stayhome for more than a year now: let’s live it in a cool way!

First of all: the circle! Symbol of perfection and order, the circle is the preferred shape in furniture. The soft and rounded lines are the best for  armchairs, chair backs and even chandeliers.

The second trend is the stool. Very simple, made of plastic or aluminum, preferably colored, with three or four legs, the stool is a must have. The best sellers are super trendy in pastel colors or industrial-style.

Third, but not least, element: sustainability! Furnishings and objects obtained from old furniture or by recycling waste materials are the great trend of 2021. Giving a second chance and a second life to recovered and refurbished furniture, as well as creating a truly original and personal style, allows conscious consumption, thinking about sustainability.

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