Who we are

Since 1996, with the opening of the Sephora flagship store on the Champs Elysées, the French brand has been the protagonist of a real revolution in the world of cosmetics, introducing for the first time a new way of experiencing beauty as luxury, game, seduction, expression of joy of life. Owned by LVMH since 1997, to date it boasts over 1900 stores worldwide, of which 130 in Italy.

Calling them stores would be an understatement: Sephora is a “place” – physical but not only – where you can live a well-rounded beauty experience. In an increasingly dynamic and evolving landscape, the French beauty brand has transformed over the years into a real beauty community where you can discover the latest news, buy innovative products, experiment with new services, live a multi-channel shopping experience and compare with experts or other beauty-addicted to receive feedback and tips on products and how to use them


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